L’amour Couture Premieres on June 20!

*First of all, congratulations to Hot Toddy, winner of Best Boylesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame!  So proud of you!

*Secondly, the Chicago Starlets, Vicky Sin, and Oona Tramps put on a great show at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.  Chicago definitely had a big and glamourous presence in Vegas.  Also, Mimi First definitely opened the weekend with a bang at the opening show.  So proud, so proud!

*Save the date! June 20th is the launch of L’amour Couture!  I have teamed up with Love,Lulu Mae to create some fabulous head pieces, riding crops, and garters for all your sexurious needs!  We will be premiering these luxury pieces on June 20th at Studio L’amour, 8pm – midnight.  The Chicago Starlets will be modeling the pieces as well as performing.  This is open to all!  Also note that this is the Randolph Street Festival and parking can be a challenge.  Please plan ahead.


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