Student Striptease Showcase – June 27

On June 27th at 7pm at Joe’s, see the newest Studio L’amour graduates performing for their very first time!  Featuring Stella LaRocque, Nora Greta, Dottie La Vie, Lucy Flawless, Josephine Shaker, Scarlett Webb, Madame Styletto, Rosie Cheeks, Bianca Bella, Lauren Beck’n Call, Honey Halfpint, and Ruby Sunshine.  Tickets are only $10 to see this gaggle of girls.

One thought on “Student Striptease Showcase – June 27

  1. YOu COULD HOLD about a hundred of these in a lifetime and even then you must need a FLASHLIGHT in a dark room to show it to you guests’

    Otherwise They Are Worth The Money

    They are popularly noted as the bygone era
    BEFOR e Rock n roll
    a revival is fresh and exhilerating

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