Studio L’amour Action

The LAST BASIC BURLESQUE session of the year begins the week of Nov. 15 at Studio L’amour.  Registration is available now!  The next session will begin in Jan. 2011.

Need a gift idea for someone special or a special treat for yourself?  Come to the Boudoir Photo Workshop on Nov. 13, 2-6pm!

The focus of this workshop is a little different than that of a ‘pin up’ workshop.  We will work to create a sensual environment for you and the poses are a bit more relaxed.  Jeff Millies (aka PEZ) is your photographer, I will help you pose, and Mimi First and Vivian Velvet will be doing finishing touches on hair and makeup.  We will shoot one look, that means one outfit.  We will take many shots and won’t stop till we get a few for you to choose from.  Registration is limited to 10, so if you’re interested, register soon!

Oh, we have something for the men too this month!  Ray Gunn from the Stage Door Johnnies is back with Nuts & Bolts on Nov. 21.

The focus of this workshop is a chair dance. Chairs will be provided.  Limit 15.  Registration available now.


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