Literary Honors Award Gala – Nov. 19

The very first Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors Awards are coming up on Nov. 19th.  We will be giving away a prize of $500 to a talented writer.  We received many submissions and all were read by the ‘Naked Girls’ and 5 finalists were chosen.  From there, the finalists’ submissions were sent to 5 judges who have all ranked the entries.  If you would like to read excerpts from the finalists, please visit my blog on the Naked Girls Reading website.  The winner will be announced on Nov. 19th.  Tickets are available now!  Don’t miss this historic event!

3 thoughts on “Literary Honors Award Gala – Nov. 19

  1. Oh my god. I totally missed this until today. I am THRILLED to have been chosen as a finalist and honoured, soooooo honoured that I was read. Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

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