A Naked Christmas Carol

We all know and love Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol.  It’s a classic.  Well, I’m not sure if Mr. Dickens ever envisioned the ‘Naked Girls’ reading his story, but it’s happening!  Come hear myself, Greta Layne and Dominique Trixx read this heart warming tale at Naked Girls Reading on Dec. 3 at the Everleigh Social Club.  We’ll be serving hot chocolate and showing classic films like Rudolph and Frosty.  Start your holiday season off right!  Tickets are available now!

One thought on “A Naked Christmas Carol

  1. It is so nice to see you all doing burlesque in Chicago. I was the producer & choreographer for the Follies and the Rialto Burlesque theaters on South State Street in Chicago in the 60’s. Before most of you were born. I also ran a school for burlesque dancers as well as a costume shop in Chicago for years. You need to start collecting information on the history of Burly in Chicago before all of us are dead. I now am retired in Las Vegas. Keep it going girls—-Bic Carrol

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