Summer Workshops

The Basic Burlesque Session begins the week of July 30th at Studio L’amour.  [Register] for the 4 week session now!  Also, we do offer a friendship deal for the basic class only.  Two ladies take one class for $90, instead of a single for $60.  What a fun summer bonding experience!

And, there are some great workshops coming your way…

July 28th – 12-1:30 – $25 – Hot Hip Hop (7 spots left)

This hip hop class infused with burlesque moves.  It’s gonna be dirty, edgy and sweaty! Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Limit 15.  Register [here].  This is a beginner level class.






Aug. 1st  – 8pm -$35 –Skin Care Workshop with Madame Rosebud (NYC)  [register]

“A course highlighting the functional companionship of holistic health practices and beauty rituals to improve the performers quality of life.”

For the last 8 years, Madame Rosebud has combed the global organic market place to discover the secrets to perfect health and flawless skin and hair.  As a professional holistic beauty consultant she has been able to gain access to some of the most sought after educators in the green beauty/health care industry, while also acquiring a vast knowledge of ancient Indian, Japanese, African, and Middle Eastern beauty and health care practices.  This 101 class provides a “best of the best” basic education specifically geared toward the late night performer who demands more from their beauty and body than the average civilian.  This class also highlights the undeniable bond between healthy beauty rituals and the performers quality of life, specifically focusing on stress reduction, and strengthening the immune system. In this class you will learn how to be a discerning shopper, how to read ingredient labels, insider industry practices, and how to make your own beauty care on the cheap!  Make the investment in the preventative knowledge of health and beauty practices today, and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

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