Girls Gone Oscar Wilde!

NGR-WILDE-WEB01It’s time for a walk on the Wilde side.  The words of the world’s favorite 19th Century dandy come alive as never before when the Naked Girls of Chicago throw their knickers to the wind for Salome, Dorian Grey and some of the sharpest witticisms ever witticismed.

See why Wilde was so controversial, even today.  Let the birds of our flagship cast get starkers and expose some of the most endearing stories of this influential artiste.

It will be a night you won’t soon forget.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…let’s face it, you’ll be aroused.

Get Wilde with us!

January 11th in Chicago (at the Everleigh Social Club)

Doors open at 7pm.  BYOB. Reservations Required.  Make yours now by CLICKING HERE.

“The World’s Most Provocative Literary Salon…” (The Toronto Globe and Mail)

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