New site for Studio L’amour

boozeATTENTION: STARTING THIS WEEK, WIGGLE ROOM IS NO LONGER BYOB!  You can now order your drinks ahead of time and we will have them delivered and waiting for you at the door.  Cheaper than buying drinks at a bar and no running out last minute to get your drinks for the show.  You arrive, and we hand you your drinks and you look like a hero to all your friends! We have glasses, openers, ice, and mixers, so don’t sweat it! Please order your drinks [here] before the show.

Now, that business is out of the way, take a look at the brand new Studio L’amour website.  I love it!  Join me on Oct. 5 for the Thriller workshop.  You will learn a burlesque version of the FAMOUS Thriller dance and have an opportunity (optional) to perform at an upcoming Wiggle Room.  Also, be sure to check out the new winter schedule.  The new session begins the week of October 21.  Registration is now available.

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