Bad to the Bone!

All classes begin this week at Studio L’amour! Props for Teasin’ & Pleasin’ and Burlesque: The Next Level are zipper dresses, boas, and gloves. Classic! Also, don’t forget about the Friendship Deal! Available for Burlesque Basics only. Register now!

In addition to class this week, we have ASS! Of course!

September 24th, I will be performing in Wiggle Room at our new venue, The Comedy Bar. Get your tix here. Then, on September 25th, I will be in Naked Girls Reading: Bad Asses and Bare Asses!NGR-BADTOTHEBONE-FBEveryone loves a BAD ASS!

Joan Jett, Rocky, Cat Woman, James Dean, Hunter S. Thompson, Dracula, Mae West…no matter the genre, when you’re bad, you’re better.


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