Beyond Burlesque

artblanche-IMG_1283-2I feel that it is time for me to write an artist’s statement. I know. Stop with the eye rolling. I used to think that if artist’s needed a statement to explain their art then their art wasn’t doing its job but now I find myself in an interesting position. I am now seeing that the purpose of this statement is to explain something that is usually misunderstood. I have been doing a misunderstood art form for a very long time and creating my own definition of what it means to do burlesque.

I have always had the thought that I wanted to go ‘beyond burlesque’, ever since I began working in this art form. I am definitely going ‘beyond’ with this show, Le Nu, and that is why I find that it is now important for me to address my perspective in order for you to have a more complete appreciation and understanding of myself, the artists in the show, and the show itself.

The word ‘burlesque’ on its own is difficult to define in a way that conjures the right imagery and attitude. At the core, it means ‘to parody’, but what we see now is striptease. Is it stripping? Yes. And no. Is it pole dancing? Yes. And no. Do you get naked? No. And yes.

I use burlesque as a starting point, not the end point. My goal is to create provocative, thoughtful, and sexy entertainment. I want to bring the art in the frame to moving art on stage. I strive to innovate and envision new ways to get the audience ‘there’. Sex is not one dimensional. I want you to experience my performances on all levels because you should be respected. The money shot is cheap. Shocking just to shock is lazy. I want more and you should want more too. A performer who doesn’t respect you doesn’t deserve your attention. I believe in you and I believe you have a desire that is not being quenched. I want to do that for you. I want to be remembered. I want to live on in your memories and dreams. This is how the art survives. This is how I survive.



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