The Real Me

After the Big Reveal, the next natural step would be to perform without my wig and on Feb 14 and 15, I did just that!

I premiered a brand new act with my brand new look at Lucha Va Voom a the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles. If you have never been to the show, you need to understand that it is a spectacle that is just beyond! It’s madness, mayhem, sexo y violencio! And the crowd…they are psyched! It’s always a sold out show (1500 people) and they lose their damn minds at this event. This is my favorite place to perform, so I chose this stage to showcase the real me.

I was nervous, but not in a debilitating sort of way, but in an exhilarating kind of way. Part of it, was that I just wanted to perform well and the other part was just stepping out on stage like this for the first time. Even though I was nervous, I was so ready.

In the moments that I was performing on stage, I felt something click. Like a gear that had been stuck had finally clicked into place and started churning. I had a sense memory that said ‘oh, this is what it feels like to perform. I remember now.’ In all my years of performing, I have never felt so present. So…on. It felt like home. It felt like I found a piece of myself that had gone missing for a few years.

Well, I’m back baby! I am moving forward with this new feeling of freedom, self acceptance and love. I hope you’re ready, because I am!

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