Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday! And I’m going to Disneyland! Seriously. I’m pretty excited!

Today is really my birthday and I have one wish…come to Pretty Funny on April 17th at The Virgil Bar!

The show stars myself, Jesabelle Thunder, contortionist Brynn Route, comedians Jared Logan, Selene Luna, Charla Lauriston, hosted by Natasha Estrada and accompanied by 4x Grammy winner, Brian Collier!  We’re also celebrating the birthdays of Natasha and Brian. Lots of Aries in the house!  And since it’s my birthday, I’m giving YOU a gift. Use the code ‘BIRTHDAY’ when checking out online to receive a special discount.

Get your tickets now!

And, I was in Chicago on April 11th celebrating my birthday early and as is the new tradition, I sat in a cake! Here are some photos of the cake debauchery from Unbridled at Untitled thanks to Pez Photo!

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