Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, I try to do something to raise money to donate to a foundation that I’ve been working with for a long time, called Keep-A-Breast. The first time I worked with them was MANY years ago through the Burlesque Hall of Fame. They took casts of dancers breasts, mine included, and then had great artists paint the casts and then auction them off to raise money. Since then, they have been my foundation of choice for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This year, I made a video where I am simply caressing my breasts. I’ve had the idea for the video for a while to give to my fan club. When it was filmed last week, I thought that this would be the PERFECT video to release to raise money for the foundation.

This video is now available for purchase and features the music of one of my favorite new bands, ‘So Below’ (who did give their approval, by the way)! A portion of proceeds will be donated to Keep-A-Breast when you make this purchase from now til the end of the month.

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