As you know, I have had a lot of trouble with social media this past year. From your sweet innocent shadow bans on Instagram to a complete BANNING on YouTube. I am not the only one experiencing this silencing. Many of my fellow dancers and artists are being shut out. I’ve decided to use this anger and fire for good. I’d like to introduce you to my new show, Uncen$ored. This show will premiere on the Eve of the Eve, Dec 30th at 10pm, in Chicago at a secret location. The address will be given to you on the day of the event. All you need to know is that it will be in the Lakeview area. The show will feature myself and Chicago’s top talent pushing the boundaries. We are going BEYOND BURLESQUE, not only in the exposure of skin, but also in the presentation.  You will see acts that aren’t easily classified. I think the kids are calling it ‘performance art’. We are taking this underground and I hope that you’ll join me! I strongly suggest you get your TICKETS now! This is going to be one for the books.

For those of you in LA, I’ve been searching for a venue for this show for a few months. I really hope to bring it here in 2020. Hell, I’d love to bring it EVERYWHERE in 2020. Stay tuned!

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