Two Months of Quarantine Cabaret

We are celebrating 2 months of Quarantine Cabaret. Wow! We can’t believe it either. Back when this all began, we lost 90% of our income in a matter of minutes. Our brains went into immediate survival mode. That’s how we came up with Quarantine Cabaret. It would give some work and purpose to our lives and the lives of performers across the globe, and it would also spread light to audiences around the world. We are so thankful for your continued support in watching, sharing and tipping. We have been able to send money to over 50 performers worldwide and we have been able to eat. For that, we are extremely grateful!

We are committed to making digital nightlife entertainment. We are expanding our production space in the next week and we will have a lot more mobility and freedom in our creation. We will continue this project for as long as is necessary, but we might want to continue with it beyond its necessity. It’s just too fun!

We are also hard at work on the next Uncen$ored, premiering on June 19th on Vimeo. Make sure to get your early bird tickets for that. Again, the show is on demand, so even if you can’t watch on the 19th, you can watch whenever you want as long as you have a ticket.

Now, please enjoy Episode 16 of Quarantine Cabaret, a peak behind the curtain. We will take you from the deserts of Las Vegas to the backwoods of Virginia. I’m also recreating my very FIRST tease for you that is a new take on a classic champagne dance.

We don’t need art to survive, but we need art to LIVE! We hope we have brought you life,

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