Photo by ArtBlanche

Picture this…

I’m making dinner. What am I making? I don’t remember. That’s not the point.

I’ve got some new dance tracks on and I find myself choreographing and dancing around the kitchen. I’m pulling out some double pirouettes, attitude turns, balances, hip circles etc. while holding a spatula.

I’m immediately transported back to my dance training glory days when I would be at the studio for hours a day after school, several days a week. Then I’m back in college, where after I’m done studying for my finance mid-terms, I’m at the gym choreographing for my dance club till the wee hours of the morning. And then it hits me. I want to…


Once I began doing burlesque full time about 18 years ago, my dance training took a back seat to my performances, travels, teaching, studio ownership, dance company direction, etc. Yes, I was still dancing, but every dancer knows that training is KEY! So, let’s DANCE AGAIN!

This class is for dancers who used to dance. If you get it, you get it. This is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of dance and jazz technique. Class will include a warm up, technique and a fun combination that is sure to make you smile.

My first class will be November 21st, 12-1pm PST, on Zoom. All you need to do to register is send $15 via Venmo or PayPal. I will then send you the Zoom link.

Get ready to DANCE AGAIN!

And PS…dinner was delicious!

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