Betty White is Right

In our world, the word P*$$Y is used as an insult to signify that someone is weak. Or afraid. It is the ultimate insult for a man and it diminishes the power of such a beautiful body part that is capable of creating life and limitless pleasure.

The P*$$Y is magic and mystery. Here is what I believe it stands for:

P – Presence – Grounded in connection to the divine

U – Unapologetic – Confidently takes up their space and recognizes that they do not need to apologize for possessing thoughts, words, feelings, opinions and desires. Only apologizes for mistakes.

S – Speaks desire – Can confidently say ‘I WANT’ and believes their worth

S – Self love – Acknowledges that falling in love with themselves is the most important relationship and nurtures that relationship with self care and pleasure

Y – Yes is LIFE – Knowing that saying YES to themselves sometimes requires saying NO to others

This just in…according to the above definition, I am a P*$$Y! Let’s take this word back! Let’s take back our power! 
Join me on the path of self discovery and love in my next P*$$Y CONFIDENCE class starting on Jan 9th – Feb 27th. I know that seems so far away, but it’s less than a month from now. 
You need this. The world needs this. Let’s turn on our light and give permission to others to do the same.

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