Power. Purpose. Passion. Pleasure.

This year has been nothing short of intense. I lost all of my regular work as a live performer and producer, but I have gained a new relationship with myself. A relationship that is rich with power, purpose, passion and pleasure.

I have found that in connecting to my divine femininity in an intentional way, I am more grounded in my thoughts and desires. Sure, I have bad days, but even on those bad days, I can FEEL my deep connection within myself.

This year, I developed an 8 week course called P*$$Y Confidence. The course is designed to help you shed layers of doubt, fear, shame and apology. I like to think of it as a Spiritual Striptease, or a SpiritualiTEASE. In the course of my career, these have been the most important layers to remove. I then created a new costume, or the Goddess’ New Clothes, that are made of vulnerability, power, strength and love.

My life has been changed for the better. My students’ lives have opened up to new possibilities of connection within themselves and also within this new community of sisterhood.

I have a new session beginning on January 9, 2021. I would love an opportunity to work with you and to help you begin a new year with power, purpose, passion and pleasure.

I am currently offering a $50 discount and a free bonus video when you register by January 4th. Use those feeling of nervousness and excitement and let them lead you to unwavering self love. I can’t wait to work with you!


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