One year ago today, I was taking my final bow in Chicago and I was a ball of stress and nerves about what was to come. I was scouring the city for toilet paper and hoping that I could get back home to LA before flights were canceled. My mind was racing on how to make a living because I knew that everything I did would be shut down. The future of live performance would be changed…maybe forever?

About 4 days after the news that my fears came true, I pivoted. Franky Vivid and I created Quarantine Cabaret, quite possibly one of the first virtual shows of its kind. I hosted from my living room, performers danced in theirs, and you watch from yours. We produced 18 episodes of that show and worked with talent from all over the world. And then we pivoted again.

Seeing the fatigue of audience and of performers, we pushed the envelope even more and created UNCEN$ORED, a show that went beyond burlesque. We produced 5 episodes of this epic show and I am so proud of the work.

Now, I present to you my Body of Work: The Quarantine Collection. This is a collector’s item where you will find all 10 acts that I created for UNCEN$ORED in one place. I’ve also included 2 acts that have not been released to the public. One is from my fan club and the other is a video premiere, that I’m totally in love with.

I think that it is important to commemorate and celebrate this weird time. We are here. Together. We have lived a difficult year, but we have lived. I hope you enjoy this quarantine time capsule.

And, don’t forget that InToPleasure is only a week away! The first 20 people to register for 3 or more classes will receive a free copy of Body of Work and so much more! Register now!

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