What were we born with?

We were born with love for ourselves and others. We were born with intuition. We were born with power. Over the years, our true selves and connection got pushed off center. We learned to be jealous of other women. We learned to mistrust our minds, bodies, and emotions. We became disconnected from our roots and intuition. And quite simply, we became disconnected from our p*$$ie$, a place of creation, life, honesty and pleasure.

Audre Lorde writes in her essay, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power that the erotic is rooted in a deeply spiritual and female plane. It is a resource that lies within ALL OF US. But, for women, that resource has been taken from us and sold back to us in dribs and drabs. We are told that we are too much and not enough all in the same breath. No wonder we are confused, disconnected, depressed and anxious!

I created *P* Confidence to find my way back to center. In doing my own work and study and learning from my many years on the stage, I have found a deep connection within myself and a new self love. The relationship you have with yourself must be treated like any other. You must give yourself grace, compassion, and trust. These are the building blocks to self love. But what are the road blocks?

I propose that we are blocked by our own doubt, fear, shame, judgment, expectation, self hate and apology. These are the layers that we must address and peel back (like a striptease)! When we can start to address these heavy burdens, we can move into vulnerability, strength, power, confidence, acceptance, love and gratitude.

I invite you to join me, and many others, on this *P* Confident path. When we decide to make change and do the work, it is imperative to have support and positive reinforcement around you. You are not alone and what’s great, is that you don’t have to be!

We begin this 8 week class on April 25th. We meet every Sunday at 11am-1pm PDT on Zoom. ALL CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED. So if you cannot attend live, no worries. Each class has time for discussion, a presentation on the week’s topics, a centering practice, and a movement portion. It is important to note that the movement portion is not about choreography. It isn’t about looking sexy. It is about FEELING good, moving intuitively and listening to your YES!

If you register by April 20, you will receive $100 off the class and a FREE 30 min private session with me! Space is limited. REGISTER NOW

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