I have been teaching for more than 22 years. I began teaching classic dance like ballet, jazz, hip hop and modern and then progressed onto teaching burlesque. For ten years in Chicago, I ran a burlesque school called Studio L’amour, as well as traveling and teaching with my unique workshops. I have mentored MANY well known award winning performers and continue to do so, because I enjoy helping artists reach their full potential.

Now, I’ve taken my burlesque teaching online and offer a collection of over 100 classes [CLICK HERE FOR INFO]

My newest class is called PUSSY CONFIDENCE. This was many years in the making and I am so excited to offer this 8 week course online. Pussy Confidence takes everything that I have learned in the world of burlesque and showbiz and combines it with all that I’ve learned from my interactions with so many women, and those identifying as such.

Inside all of us is an untapped power. With Pussy Confidence, my goal is to help you recognize and ACCEPT that power. I been performing striptease for almost half my life, on more stages than I can count. And each time, I learn something new. I have been doing a personal spiritual striptease in order to reach my most vulnerable self.

Pussy Confidence is for those that are listening to the stirring in their body. It is for those that know there is something more and want help and support in accessing it. I am here to create a supportive, loving and compassionate environment for womxn looking to embrace their FULL selves.