What is Pleasure?

I believe in the pursuit of pleasure but I wasn’t always like this. It took a real attitude shift and a realization that I was worthy of pleasure. Pleasure isn’t just for other people. It’s for YOU!

I am so excited about my event InToPleasure on April 2! There will be 5 experts presenting on a variety of topics. All you need to bring is an open mind and curiosity. Absolutely no experience necessary and there is no nudity involved.

Early bird discounts are only available until March 21st! Don’t pleasure delay. Grab those tickets now!

InToPleasure 2022


I created InToPleasure last year in my quest to make my life more pleasure centered. I, like many of you, grew up in an anti-pleasure household and I have spent much of my adult life unlearning those lessons. The event last year was so life giving and I’m pleased to announce that it’s on again this year!

InToPleasure is a pleasure positive virtual event happening on April 2nd featuring pleasure experts on a variety of topics. I have partnered with Nicoletta Heidegger, a sex therapist and host of the podcast Sluts&Scholars, to bring you a unique experience that is surely going to fire up your pleasure center.

You will learn from Goddexx Meow, a fetish esthetician that combines beauty care practices with BDSM, Javay, the Millennial Sexpert, will show you how to make your own sexy home movie, and Lief Bound will show you the ropes with shibari techniques and demonstrations. Nicoletta will guide you to your pleasure center and talk about how to prepare your body to experience pleasure and I will guide you in a Pleasure Recess, an hour of sensual movement.

You can register for the full day, or take your pleasure a la carte and register for the classes you want to take. If you register for 3 or more classes, you will receive a digital gift bag that includes discounts on products and services like Studio L’amour and Shibari Study.

All classes will be on Zoom and recorded if you cannot attend live on April 2nd. InToPleasure is for all women and marginalized genders.




Let me tell you about P{*} Confidence.

I developed this class for dancers as a way to encourage them to embrace their power and take up space. I quickly realized that this isn’t just for dancers. This is something that we all struggle with because we all live in a world where we are forced to shrink, both in size and in energy. This causes us to disconnect from our power and our divinity because it is easier to shut that down than embrace it. It’s survival.

But life is more than surviving. It’s thriving. Fully embracing your truth and your power. I’m here to tell you that you have a Goddess inside of you. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. I certainly did when that was told to me (for years) and it took me years to accept this truth. I first had to acknowledge this power and then I had to accept it. We all come to it in our own time and I believe your time is NOW!

Have you had a feeling in you that there’s something bigger for you in this world? Perhaps a nagging feeling in your gut that there is some beauty on the other side of fear? In this 8 week session, we talk about all the layers that pull us away from our power. The doubt, shame, and judgment that we all carry. But the good news is that we don’t have to carry those burdens. By nurturing things like pride, joy, and pleasure, we can begin a relationship with our creativity and eroticism (our life force) and start to show up for our lives in a completely new way. With presence and unapology.

I invite you to join this class and come face to face with your divinity while a community supports you and cheers you on. Each class features a topic of discussion, centering, and sensual movement. Absolutely zero experience is required.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Click HERE to learn more about the class and register before Jan 29 to save $100. Payment plans are available and all classes will be recorded via Zoom. Feb 5-March 25 11am-1pm PST


As you know, I have a podcast called Look Down There. I’m just finishing up Season 2 as I write this. After this week, I’ll have had 40 guests on the show who have talked about body confidence and empowerment. It has been an amazing experience for me to speak with artists, therapists, dancers, and secks workers about how they have come to love their bodies. Now, I am hosting the very first live virtual event.

On December 21st at 6pm PST, I invite you to an intimate evening of mirror gazing. I will lead you through a meditation and create a supportive space as you discover or rediscover your body. All you need is a comfortable space and a mirror.

There is absolutely no nudity in this space and this will not be recorded or shared. It is also a pay-what-you-can experience. I want this to be accessible to all women and vulva owners who feel drawn to this experience.

And, it IS on the solstice, so it is a great time for intention setting and finding your center before the holiday madness begins. Click HERE to grab your spot.