Beauty is Truth

photo by Kaylin Idora

Hello, darlings! For years, I’ve been known as “The Most Naked Woman”, traveling to exciting places, finding myself in interesting situations and creating sensual art that I’m super passionate about. Nothing makes me happier than creating sincere, vulnerable – and often naked – art. “The Most Naked Woman” not only refers to my state of undress, but also symbolizes my desire to be vulnerable on and off stage. This is what has inspired me to share my “Big Reveal” with you and to create this “Beauty is Truth” blog.

I am passionate about art, sex and spirituality. Our culture seems very polarized into divisive categories. There’s not a lot of subtlety and nuance anymore and I believe that there is power in the shadows and whispers. Take sexuality, for example. It seems there’s either the sanitized “straight and narrow” or the extreme “walking on the wild side”. But the truth is that there is a vast breadth of healthy sexual exploration in between…and that’s where my life and art comes from. I want to offer a luxurious alternative to what is typical. I want it to be smart, provocative and brave. I want it to be vulnerable, uninhibited and uplifting. I’ve seen that it’s possible and together we can make it happen.

At “Beauty is Truth”, I will be exploring my own truth and sharing with you in ways that I haven’t yet done. In doing so, I hope to shine a light on true Beauty and encourage you to live your truth. We could all use a little inspiration right now and I hope to inspire you as you have inspired me.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years. You have given me the strength to fully embrace myself and be the best me I can be.