I am beyond excited to share the new STUDIO L’AMOUR! I have been working on this site for months and I’m so proud of the content and message. I believe that self love is for everyBODY! Through fitness, dance and sensual movement, I want to give you tools to enhance your self love practice. Studio L’amour is about feeling good first. We spend so much time trying to look good but we need to feel good too. That is my priority in all of my teaching.

All the videos are ON DEMAND, which means you can watch at any time. You can also customize your experience and search for videos based on your schedule, your mood and your experience level.

Video collections are made available for a one time purchase or you can become a member and have access to all of the collections. To kick off the grand opening, the featured collections are Tease & Tone, Boa Choreography, Love Flow, How to Walk in Heels, and The Basics. New videos will be added each month.

I am so ready for this and I know you are too. Join me at Studio L’amour today!



That’s right! I’m back for more LIVE workshops in Chicago on August 22nd at Arabesque Dance Studios. This space is GORGEOUS and has plenty of room for social distancing during class.

I will be teaching a class called OVER DRIVE, which is all about raw power! Tapping into our inner rock Goddess! And then, I’m returning with Fempowered Flow. This class is so delicious. It will leave you feeling high. I’m NOT joking!

For the full class description and registration, click HERE.


InToPleasure is March 20th! I have put together a great line up of presenters who are all experts in their fields. You can register for individual classes or for the full day of pleasure. If you cannot attend live, you will receive a recording of every class. Learn more about these fabulous people below.

We begin the day with Dr. Shannon Chavez, a licensed clinical psychologist and sex therapist. She is presenting ‘The Talk’, the sex ed class you wish you always had. You will gain tools to understand your body, desire and arousal.

9-10:15am PDT – REGISTER

Then we move into sensual delights with The Lingerie Addict, Cora Harrington. Cora is the founder of the the world’s leading lingerie blog and author of Intimate Detail. Lingerie is for everyBODY at every price point. In this class, the intimidation factor of buying lingerie will be removed and you will learn how to choose and care for your pieces.

10:30-11:45am PDT – REGISTER

Dirty Lola heats things up with ‘Toy Box’. Dirty Lola is a sex educator and has been working for a decade to end the shame and stigma around sexuality. Here, you will learn all about toys and how to choose the one that is RIGHT for you, how to care for them and how to use them.

12-1:15pm PDT – REGISTER

Now that we’re all warmed up, we head into Practical Kink with Isabella Sinclaire. She is a pro domme with over 27 years of experience. We will talk about archetypes, role playing, BDSM, consent and boundaries. If you are kink curious, this is a great class for you.

1:30-2:45pm PDT – REGISTER

And finally, I finish the day with a special sensual movement and touch class. The movement will be gentle and intentional and designed to bring yourself back to your body. Exploration, discovery and pleasure are the key components to this movement class.

3-4:15pm PDT – REGISTER

If you register for 3 or more classes you will receive an amazing digital gift bag full of discounts and FREE stuff. Hope to see you there!


In honor of this glorious day, I am offering you an incredible FREE gift for my event InToPleasure on March 20th.

If you register TODAY for 3 or more classes for InToPleasure, not only will you receive an amazing digital gift bag filled with discounts and free stuff, but you will also receive a FREE 45min private session with me! We can have a sensual movement class. We can talk burlesque. We can do choreography. It’s up to you!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful, life affirming event. These pleasure experts are the real deal. Register now!