Strong Womxn

There are many kinds of power, used and unused, acknowledged or otherwise. The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling.

-Audre Lorde: Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power

Do you want to feel more grounded in your life? Do you want to feel more supported in a community? Do you want to connect to your divine femininity? If the answer is yes, then P U S S Y Confidence is for you!

I taught my first P U S S Y Confidence class back in 2014 when I saw the need arise for it in the burlesque world. Immediately, after that first class, I knew this was something for ALL womxn, not just those interested in being on stage. So I began to develop these ideas and concepts over the years and have worked deeply on myself to take these lessons to heart. And now, I’m so excited to present another offering of this 8 week online course!

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Connecting to your power is essential right now. The world is topsy turvy and we have lost our way. The world has dimmed the light of femininity, only to exploit it for capitalism and selfish reasons. Well, I’m here to tell you that the power that you desperately crave is within you! We just need to peel back the layers to access it in a spiritual striptease.

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Over the years, 18ish to be exact-ish, I have worked hard to bring authenticity to the stage. Not only have I removed many physical layers of clothing, I also had to remove the layers of doubt, fear, judgment, expectation, hate, shame and apology. I want to lighten your burden. You don’t have to carry this weight any more. Instead, I want you to be layered with love, acceptance, generosity, confidence, power, vulnerability and strength. 

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I want to live in a world where the phrase ‘strong woman’ is redundant. We are strong. We are powerful. We are dangerous. It is time to connect to our power. To plug in and flip that switch. The world needs us. The world needs you. YOU need YOU.

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If you feel a spark of nerves and excitement even thinking about your power potential, then join me for P U S S Y Confidence starting October 25th through December 13th. We will meet every Sunday 11am-1pm PST. All sessions will be recorded so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t make it one day. We will also have optional Happy Hours on Wednesdays to get to know each other better and have informal discussions. And you will also gain access to our private FB community, where womxn from all over the world support each other and share in their challenges and their triumphs. 

All classes will feature a presentation, a centering practice and a sensual movement portion. There is absolutely no experience necessary. 

Space is limited. Register by Oct 18th for a $50 discount.

Looking forward to partnering with you on this path of empowerment and P U S S Y Confidence!

Banned on YouTube

After all of these years, I am continuing to cause trouble. This is a recent communication from YouTube (I bolded all the important/upsetting bits):

We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines your YouTube account Michelle L’amour has been suspended.

Graphic sexual contact that is meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed on YouTube. We review educational, documentary, artistic, and scientific content on a case-by-case basis. Limited exceptions are made for content with sufficient and appropriate context and where the purpose of posting is clear.

Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts.

Now, I can assure you that nothing I posted on YouTube was GRAPHIC. Yes, I posted some performance videos. I posted some family friendly Patreon promo videos (all things that would fall in line with a Victoria’s Secret commercial) and I even posted some interviews I had done and also, my Big Reveal, where I came out about alopecia.

A few weeks ago, I was notified that a video I put up with me posing with snakes was taken off my account and I was given my first warning. Nothing else came from YouTube until this banning email above. I am going to assume that the video that threw this into high gear, was my ‘Pleasure is Power‘ video, a tribute to Andy Warhol’s ‘Blow Job‘.

In this video, all you see is my face. There is no music. There is no sound. It is completely silent. I experience pleasure in this video, but all of that is off camera. It. Is. Just. My. Face. Well, as it turns out, a woman with sexual agency and pleasure is a thing to be feared. While my video is down and my whole channel is removed AND I can’t even access YouTube on my phone, the original video by Warhol with a man being pleasured continues to stay on this platform with millions of views. There is an imbalance here.

Back in the day, at the height of burlesque, girls were getting arrested and thrown in jail for their ‘lewd’ behavior and scandalous headlines were splashed across newspapers all over the US. Many of these women, and club owners, orchestrated this scene to get more press for their club and in turn, getting more asses in the seats to see the asses on stage. Nowadays, while we aren’t being dramatically thrown in jail, we are being silenced. Our voices are being taken away, but it’s all happening in secret. Women who deal in the sexy arts are being left in the shadows, with a huge effect on their bank accounts. Remember how branding, marketing and promotion is so important? What do you do when all your avenues to grow your business are taken away?

Well, that’s what I’m hoping to fix. Taking a cue from the dancers’ past, I want press on this. A lot of it. I want articles, podcasts, whatever! If you know someone that would be interested in this story, let me know. This is not just happening to me. So many of my friends cannot post more than a picture of their eyeball without getting into trouble. We’re being watched and judged. I am not going to stand for this!

Recently, I took class at the Martha Graham School in New York City. During that class, the teacher said, ‘There is no movement, without opposition’. I will move through this opposition and come out the other side stronger. I encourage you to join me.

In the meantime, follow me on Vimeo or join my fan club!


I had an idea to do a tribute to Hedy Lamarr’s famous orgasm scene in the film Ecstasy. I wanted to experience real pleasure but just show my face in a soft focus glamour look in black and white. After the video was already filmed, I discovered Andy Warhol’s film ‘Blow Job’. It’s just a man’s face while he is experiencing pleasure. There is no sound and it is intense. I decided to combine these two inspirations in to what you see here.

Now, it is one thing to have an idea, and another to complete it, and another to present it. You know how it is when you hear your own voice in a recording? This is kind of like that, but more so. I assure you that these reactions are real and I am not faking it.

I hesitated about posting this because it’s very personal but I think the greater good it can do is important. A woman’s pleasure is important. We know this but it seems that the world is doing all they can to keep us in our place. They censor us, take away our autonomy and silence our voices. I will not stand for it and I encourage all women to stand up and fight. We have been shamed for centuries and in order to combat the forces against us, we must first attack the internal damage that has been done. The battle starts within. This is a video to remind you to take pleasure in your power.