I’ll be teaching my newest workshop called, Sex Drive, at Fit & Bendy in Los Angeles on Nov 25th, 2-3:30. This class combines jazz technique, burlesque seduction and erotic sensibilities. It is a chance to be unapologetically sexy. I can’t think of a better way to spend your Sunday.

Please bring a pair of heels and a bad ass attitude! Register now!

November News

I suppose we’re already half way through the month and I’ve neglected to keep you informed. I’ve just been so busy dancing and I haven’t had a chance to get to the typing! So, here’s what’s happening the rest of the month:

November 16th – Naked Girls Reading at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas – Tix
We will be featuring the new book by Leslie Zemeckis, ‘Feuding Fan Dancers’, about Sally Rand and Faith Bacon. All proceeds benefit the museum.

November 21st – Pretty Funny at Three Clubs at 9pm – Tix 
Pretty Funny is the perfect mix of stand up comedy and burlesque. This month features myself, Jessabelle Thunder, Christopher Erk (tap master from Tap Dogs), The Puterbaugh Sisters, Sharon Houston, Dave Helem and hosted by Natasha Estrada.

November 25th – Sex Drive at Fit and Bendy – 2-3:30
This is my brand new class that combines jazz, burlesque and the erotic. This class is FIERCE! Bring heels you can dance in.

And keep in mind, I teach every Tuesday at Fit and Bendy in Los Angeles. Drop in and see me some time!



Nine Years of Naked Reading

On March 23rd in Chicago, we’ll be celebrating Naked Girls Reading 9th Anniversary! I remember starting this event 9 years ago and not really sure if I could get readers and if I could get an audience. It turned out, that readers were eager to participate and the audience couldn’t get enough! This event is magic every time. I learn something new. I get excited about reading a particular author or book and the audience feels the same. The connection between us is real and beautiful and I’m so happy to have this event in my life. Please join myself, Greta Layne and Dominique Trixx for our anniversary. The reading selections will be reader’s choice so you are in for a wide variety of genres! We’ll also be doing this at a new location: The Skylark Chess Society at 4201 N Ravenswood. This is a very sexy space and it’s still BYOB. Make your reservations now!

Then, on March 24th in Chicago, I’ll be teaching a new workshop called Sexy Striptease at Dovetail Studios, 2853 W Montrose, 3:30-5pm.

In Sexy Striptease, we’ll be working on burlesque technique in the first half of class and then you’ll learn a luscious dance that combines classic burlesque moves with the more modern striptease moves of today. This will be a really wonderful blend of styles and after this class, you’ll be so excited to show others what you’ve learned!

No props necessary. Heels are optional. Come prepared to move! Register

Hope to see you at a reading and/or a workshop!


Women’s Day

Today, we celebrate women! Think of the women that have come before you, in your family, in your career and in your lifetime. Think of the paths they have paved for you so that you are able to do what you do. Be grateful for their sacrifice and their fight. We are not finished. There is still more to do and let’s be excited to do it, instead of burdened. This is an exciting time! Strong women are taking center stage in all venues. Let’s support these women and hold them up to see their potential. Support the women around you. It’s a much more rewarding feeling to lift someone up than to bring them down.

I am so grateful to the women that came before me so that I am able to do what I love. Burlesque is an industry that is filled with strong women and I am so fortunate to have them in my life. I am thrilled to be making my art in such an important and influential time. Thank you for supporting me. Spread your love and support to all the beautiful women in your life.

Be strong. Be vulnerable. Be you.