The Big Reveal

photo by Art Blanche


 This first post is my reveal about my struggle with alopecia areata. It is an autoimmune disease where my body attacks my hair follicles and causes my hair to fall out. There is not one known cause (there are MANY triggers) and there is not a cure. I have been to so many doctors and am working so hard to find the root cause of this. Diet has been a tremendous factor for me, as well as lifestyle changes like taking up yoga and acupuncture and not having bourbon! 
It has been very emotional for me and I have hidden this from so many people. I just recently started telling my friends about it within the last year. It has helped me to talk about it with them but I developed a growing need to share it with the public. I thought that if I have to go through this, then I may as well help inspire others. I want my struggle to serve a purpose. Even if you do not have alopecia, or any other autoimmune disease, I know that you have felt the feelings I have felt. The feeling that you have to hide something for others to accept you. I want you to know that you are not alone. In talking about this, I hope to create an open dialog for people like me and you. To say that even though the pictures on social media are carefree, there’s a lot going on behind that smile. And that’s ok! It’s ok to talk about that too! Let those moments shape you, but not rule and define you.

Eve of the Eve and NYE 2017

Remember the Everleigh Social Club? We always hosted the most decadent and provocative Year End party and 2017 is no different.

Join us for the “Eve of the Eve” on December 30th at a private penthouse in the Gold Coast for a night to remember.

If you’ve ever dreamed of ending the year with an opulent and debaucherous party, all guests in masks, champagne and wine flowing like the sheer wisps of lingerie on the beautiful girls…jaunty music and dancing, sensual and seductive performances we can only get away with in private…then this night is for you.

This evening of Elegant Debauchery promises to be even better than our previous parties.  So, dress your decadent, elegant, “anything goes” best and make the trip up the penthouse stairs to Chicago’s most provocative New Year’s party. Masks are required.

There will be an open bar, hors d’oeuvres, incredibly scandalous performances…and THE SWING! And here’s something to sweeten the deal: Michelle and I have obtained two decanters that were once owned by famed Chicago brothel keeper Ada Everleigh (for whom our club was named) and for the first hour of the event, we will be pouring a specially formulated punch from them for your enjoyment. Talk about spirits! There is no other party on the planet that will be doing this. No where else. TICKETS

DETAILS: Starts at 9pm, coat check provided. Address to be provided after your ticket purchase.

Then, we just keep on with the sexiness and will be bringing Uncensored back to Untitled on NYE, December 31st!

This will be a full venue takeover. We’ll have a special Voyeur Theater, a bacchanal, grape crushing, and a killer show!

THIS is where you want to be on NYE. Get your tickets now!

Dress code: Black Tie and Lingerie encouraged.

Holiday Gift Idea


PASSionPrintI had this crazy idea for the holidays. A few years ago, I was in a show at Coney Island called ASS FREAKS (Thanks Julie and Mat). As part of the show, after I performed, Murray Hill painted by bottom and I sat on a canvas which was then auctioned off to the audience (Congrats Hard Corey). So, I started thinking, this might be a fun little gift for the holidays.

I’m only doing a very limited number of these and they will all be ONE-OF-A-KINDS. Personalized just for you. Each will be 11×14 stretched canvas and ready to hang. It makes the perfect addition to your decor and will definitely start some conversations.

And members of my FAN CLUB will also receive a personalized video of me creating their mASSterpiece.

Grab one now as a little holiday treat for yourself of that special someone. Order by Dec 15 and get it by Christmas*. Orders will be created and shipped in the order they are received.

I’m looking forward to creating a special mASSterpiece just for you. 🙂

Happy Holidays.


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International Shipping

Read Naked Day

f-read-om-fighterFor centuries, being able to read was a mark of privilege and progress. Those who could read were held in high regard. Being able to devour books and literature at your leisure was set aside for the upper classes. Sometimes, even owning books was dangerous and could get you killed.
As time marched on, literacy became more and more prevalent until now we take the that very skill for granted. As a culture, we no longer savor reading. We no longer touch it with our whole bodies. At best, we may read in passing, at as high a speed as we use our social media. Any “literature” longer than 140 characters might as well be War and Peace assigned by a teacher that hates us.
What a shame! Reading is a sensual, ritual experience – or at least it should be. We should set aside time, set the stage, treat books like lovers…
That’s why we, the international literary salon Naked Girls Reading, have decided to make July 5th READ NAKED DAY Join us in removing the obstacles that hinder your freedom to read as a ritual. Doff your clothing on July 5th and get in touch with one of the most powerful forces in history – the reading of the written word.
We invite you to take part by simply reading naked. That’s it. If you’d like to be even more involved in bringing focus back to the ritual of reading BECOME A READ WARRIOR and help us get the word out. Start a naked book club. Get your local books stores involved. Because if there’s one thing we at Naked Girls Reading know for sure:
You can’t spell “literature” without T&A!