Presence. Unapologetic. Speaking desire. Self love. Yes energy.

Pussy Confidence is a class designed for all women who want to learn how to plug into their power and claim the Goddess within. We will learn about PC women of the past and present and we will work to recognize doubt, fear, shame and judgment in our lives all while being in a supportive environment. Vulnerability is Strength. Strength is Power. Acceptance of power is a Courageous act. Let’s be brave together!

All classes will be recorded and will be available for one week after the class. To learn more and register, click HERE.


Move. Dance. Love.

Studio L’amour offers on demand classes in fitness, burlesque and sensual movement. All classes are designed for you to FEEL GOOD FIRST. You can choose classes based on your mood, schedule and intention. Become a member and have access to 50 videos with new videos added each month. Absolutely no experience required.