Fun Facts

  • Michelle has performed for more than 50 million people through live and television performances.
  • Michelle is credited for causing conservation cable pundit Tucker Carlson to lose his trademark bowtie permanently.
  • Michelle L’amour is known by several famous taglines.  Among them are – “The Expert Tease”, “The Best Seat in the House”, “The End of Burlesque”, “The Queen Bee-Hind”, “America’s Next Top Bottom”, “La Panthère”, “The Lady Who Puts the Ass in Class”, “Julius Teaser”, “The Notorious P.O.W.”, “The Wizard of Ass”, “Meryl Strip”, “The Girl Who Puts the B in Subtle”, “The Only Bum You’d Happily Give Your Money To”, “America’s Dirty Little Sweetheart”, “The Living End”, “The Most Naked Woman”, “Miss Exotic World 2005″ and “THE ASS THAT GOES POW!”
  • Michelle’s drink of choice is Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (usually Basil Hayden), but is often seen with a glass of Malbec in her hand as well.
  • Michelle owns “Studio L’amour“, a burlesque dance studio and event space in Chicago that is home to The Chicago Starlets.
  • The International Star Registry named a star after Michelle. It is called “Toots”, a name she used to go by (Toots L’amour) until it caused too much confusion for people who misponounced it.
  • Michelle is featured heavily in the documentary “What a Booty” , a Canadian picture that celebrates the beauty of the female, well, booty.
  • Michelle has occasionally performed with French KISS, a spoof-rock band comprised of four girls in French maids outfits singing KISS songs in French. (She performs as Stace Frehley).
  • Michelle met co-producer Franky Vivid while dancing for his glam-rock band, Massivivid. See proof here.
  • Michelle’s “Les Ballons” was conceived in July 2005 after seeing an unsuccessful balloon act performed by another dancer. Michelle loved the idea of wearing balloons, but hated the tired old concept of popping them, feeling that it wasn’t elegant enough. After hundreds of helium balloons and a failed “weighting” system, she came up with what is now one of her signature numbers. It was originally performed at Bimbo’s 365 in San Francisco as part of the Tease-O-Rama Burlesque Conference.
  • When asked how she keeps her skin so milky smooth, Michelle recommends several daily doses of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, although she also acknowledges that the baby oil rubdowns she receives during her “Most Naked Woman” act help as well.
  • Michelle exclusively uses Fuji apples in her “Snow White” act.
  • Part of Michelle’s daily morning ritual includes waking up at noon and watching Dick Van Dyke while having her toast and coffee.
  • In 2004, Michelle played the part of Virginia Rappe in Second City’sFatty Arbuckle’s Spectacular Musical Revue“.
  • Chicago’s Motel Bar created a cocktail named after Michelle.  It’s called “The L’amour”.  (From TimeOut: “Motel Bar’s Hubie Greenwald didn’t have to look far to find the inspritation for his new cocktail – she dances at his bar every month.  “It’s very feminine, very soft,” he says, and while he’s talking about “The L’amour”, he could just as well be talking about burlesque dancer Michelle L’amour, after whom the drink is named.  The cocktail, which is composed of Plymouth Gin, White Lillet, and fresh orange juice, will be unveiled on Valentine’s Day.  It’s a departure from Motel’s usual cocktail selection, which is mostly made up of cocktails from the early 1900s.  But Greenwald insists it’s an instant classic.  “She has this classic elegance,” he says, talking about both the dancer and the drink, “that’s a reminder of a different time.”)
  • Based on the success of “The L’amour” cocktail, Motel Bar and Michelle have teamed up to produce a cocktail party how-to book entitled “COCKtails with the ExpertTEASE“.
  • After a performance in 2002, a woman in the audience was so moved that she threw her undergarments on the stage (much like one would at an Elvis concert). This started a trend which has become a staple at Michelle L’amour performances. In fact, Michelle has started donating money to various charitable organizations for every female’s undergarment collected after her performance.
  • From April to September of 2007, Michelle hosted an international radio program called “ In Bed with Michelle L’amour “.  She is currently developing the show for a series of Webisodes for a beauty product manufacturer.
  • British Psychologist Dr. David Holmes (famous for lectures and essays on the very scientific “Formula for the Perfect Bum“) said, of Michelle’s derriere, “A fantastic specimen!  And I should know.”
  • Michelle has concepted, designed or participated in the design of several breakthrough models of ostrich feather fans and boas, in partnership with
  • After winning the title of Miss Exotic World 2005 Michelle returned to Chicago to find that one of her students had created a Michelle L’amour doll from a Snow White Barbie.  Incidentally, this student was also instrumental in helping Michelle put together the Snow White costume that she wore to win the competition.  The Michelle L’amour doll wears an identical costume.
  • The Hex Code for “L’amour Blue” is #006080.
  • The PantoneTM Number for “L’amour Blue” is 302.
  • In addition to carrying revolutionary models of ostrich feather fans and boas named after Michelle, also carries many of it’s products in “L’amour Blue”.  You can see her on their website [ here ].
  • Though this entire website uses a color scheme based on “L’amour Blue”, the actual color appears nowhere on any of it’s pages.
  • An upcoming video game (that can’t be named), who’s story line centers around exploits in Las Vegas , will feature the dance moves of Michelle. She has participated in several “ motion capture ” sessions for the game, including the “recording” of her trademarked “POW” move.
  • Members of Michelle’s “Key Club” can actually purchase a “Piece of Ass”. They can view their “Piece”, as plotted on a photograph of Michelle’s bum in the “ Key Club” section of The idea for this was borrowed from the “ Tennessee Squires Association ” offered by Jack Daniel’s .
  • In October of 2006, Michelle travelled to Sao Paolo, Brazil to perform for a star-studded opening of the Lov-E Club .
  • During the summer of 2006, Michelle was featured on America’s Got Talent . She appeared on the show several times, making it as far as the Semi-Finals, causing controversy all the way. Along the way, she won the hearts of celebrities like Regis Philbin and David Hasselhoff.
  • As a contestant on “ America’s Got Talent “, Michelle performed a burlesque striptease to the theme song from TV’s “ Knight Rider “. She played “the new mechanic” that K.I.T.T. had hired. In the case of this televised performance (in front of 20 million viewers), the part of K.I.T.T. was played by, well, K.I.T.T. himself. Michelle rented the actual George Barris designed car that was used in Season Four of the hit drama. Before the episode aired, the legal staff and highest executives of both NBC and Universal had several meetings to discuss whether or not Michelle would actually get to perform the number.  The expertly performed voiceover on the Knight Rider track was written by Michelle and performed (both voices) by Adam Witt.  Michelle and Adam met in 2006 after he had blogged about her.
  • After the Knight Rider performance on “America’s Got Talent” many people wanted to know what was on the back of Michelle’s mechanic’s coveralls.  Here is the exact design:
  • Michelle’s first public striptease was performed at The High Dive in Champaign, Illinois in February of 2003.
  • Just over two short years after her first public striptease, Michelle won the title of Miss Exotic World 2005
  • As of March 2007, Michelle has taught her special brand of striptease in workshops, classes and private events for over 3500 women all across North America.   As a result, Michelle has graduated several of her “Advanced Students” into their own performing company, known as “The Chicago Starlets“.
  • Most of the facts on this “Fun Facts” page are not funny so much as they are interesting.
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