Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Over the course of my career, I have entertained thousands, actually millions when you consider my TV and documentary appearances and my viral video, Butthoven. The work I do for an audience, whether virtual or live, is important to me, but the work I value the most, is the work I do when no one is looking.

Even before I began my burlesque career, in my early days in high school, I would stand close to the mirror and try to decide if I was beautiful or sexy. I would pose naked in front of the mirror and even come up with new ways to take off clothing. Little did I know this would be my training!

I still do this, but instead of thinking about what an audience might like, I consider what I like. Yes, I can strike a pose and nail a body line, but what feels good to ME? What does MY body like? How does my body FEEL today? How do I like to be TOUCHED? For the past few years, I have been working alone in the studio. When I am not creating dances, I dance for myself. In dancing for myself, I have learned the value of self seduction.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall will engage your sensuality and encourage you to explore your body, both with touch and movement within a supportive and safe environment. We will focus on intentional, repetitive movement as well as free flow. You will work with different tactile sensations like feathers, riding crops and silky fabric. You will learn choreography that you can then adapt to your own body. This class is done without an audience in mind. This is not for their gaze or validation. This is not to turn them on, but to turn YOU on. I invite you to take this class and begin or continue your journey of self love and discovery.

February 2-23 5pm-6:30pm PST Live on Zoom (recordings will be made available) For womxn only

by Steve Brokaw
by ArtBlanche
by Richard Marz