Women’s Day

Today, we celebrate women! Think of the women that have come before you, in your family, in your career and in your lifetime. Think of the paths they have paved for you so that you are able to do what you do. Be grateful for their sacrifice and their fight. We are not finished. There is still more to do and let’s be excited to do it, instead of burdened. This is an exciting time! Strong women are taking center stage in all venues. Let’s support these women and hold them up to see their potential. Support the women around you. It’s a much more rewarding feeling to lift someone up than to bring them down.

I am so grateful to the women that came before me so that I am able to do what I love. Burlesque is an industry that is filled with strong women and I am so fortunate to have them in my life. I am thrilled to be making my art in such an important and influential time. Thank you for supporting me. Spread your love and support to all the beautiful women in your life.

Be strong. Be vulnerable. Be you.

The Future of Studio L’amour

My burlesque school, Studio L’amour is coming up on 10 years in Chicago! The Dojo for your Mojo has been the home to hundreds of women who have found confidence and self esteem through the practice of burlesque. We are so honored to have been the place where vulnerability, fun, sexiness, and strength reside.
The studio has been through many changes over the years and is about to undergo another one. Since I have been traveling and producing so much these past few years, I think it is best to operate the studio in a different manner. Studio L’amour will primarily be an online burlesque school. I added this to the curriculum in June and have really enjoyed making videos for my students there. I put up new videos every month and they feature technique, fitness, choreography and real talks where I answer questions. This has been very rewarding for me as I am able to have students from all over the world and I”m not just limited to a physical space.
As for Studio L’amour as a physical space, I will be offering monthly workshops, as will the other teachers. There will not be regular weekly classes as of March 1st. I know this will be very upsetting to some of you, as burlesque is incredibly addicting, but it is for the best. I see the future of Studio L’amour as a kind of ’boutique burlesque school’. It will be a place where you can refine your craft but also a place for newcomers to explore their sexuality.
I am very thankful to my teachers over the years: Lady Ginger, Frenchie Kiss, Kami Oh, Vivian Velvet, Fanny Tastic, Ivy Fabulous, Lily Bloom, Sasha Darling, Midnite Martini, Gaea Lady, Dahlia Fatale and Mary Pat LeTourneau. Because of them, we were able to offer THE BEST burlesque education in Chicago.
I’m very excited about the future of the studio and the new freedom we have! I hope to see you online or in my workshops! Oh, and bachelorettes, we’ve still got you covered! You can schedule a private class for your party any time.
Thank you for your continued love and support over the years. Stay tuned for March workshops!

The Real Me

After the Big Reveal, the next natural step would be to perform without my wig and on Feb 14 and 15, I did just that!

I premiered a brand new act with my brand new look at Lucha Va Voom a the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles. If you have never been to the show, you need to understand that it is a spectacle that is just beyond! It’s madness, mayhem, sexo y violencio! And the crowd…they are psyched! It’s always a sold out show (1500 people) and they lose their damn minds at this event. This is my favorite place to perform, so I chose this stage to showcase the real me.

I was nervous, but not in a debilitating sort of way, but in an exhilarating kind of way. Part of it, was that I just wanted to perform well and the other part was just stepping out on stage like this for the first time. Even though I was nervous, I was so ready.

In the moments that I was performing on stage, I felt something click. Like a gear that had been stuck had finally clicked into place and started churning. I had a sense memory that said ‘oh, this is what it feels like to perform. I remember now.’ In all my years of performing, I have never felt so present. So…on. It felt like home. It felt like I found a piece of myself that had gone missing for a few years.

Well, I’m back baby! I am moving forward with this new feeling of freedom, self acceptance and love. I hope you’re ready, because I am!

Valentine’s Day Burlesque

First of all, my thanks for the huge amount of support and love you’ve shown me since the Big Reveal. I’m so touched to have fans as beautiful as you!

Second, I’m heading to Los Angeles to premiere a brand NEW act at Lucha Va Voom on Feb 14th and 15th! This will be the first time that I will perform with my natural hair! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to share video with you, or do it for you in person if you’re in the area. I hope you are!


Then, the Valentine’s Day plans continue in Chicago on Feb 17th for Naked Girls Reading: Bad Romance. Join me at Studio L’amour for stories of love, broken hearts and passionate affairs! Tickets

Happy Valentine’s Day!