Pussy Confidence is an 8 week online movement and lecture series beginning on August 29th. This class is designed for all those identifying as women who want to learn how to plug into their power. We will learn about PC women of the past and present and we will work to remove doubt, fear, shame and judgment from our lives all while being in a supportive environment. Vulnerability is Strength. Strength is Power. Acceptance of power is a Courageous act. Let’s be brave together! To learn more and register, click HERE.

I also have a video collection of over 100 videos available for rent or for purchase on Vimeo. Videos include instruction on class burlesque movement breakdown, tease technique, choreography, fitness and more! Check it out now and learn burlesque from anywhere in the world!

I am also available for private lessons via skype or zoom. If you are interested in that, please email me at