FEB 5 – MARCH 26 11am -1pm PST (all classes recorded)

‘Had I not created my own world, I would have certainly died in others.’ – Anaïs Nin

Congratulations! You’re here!

You were brave enough to find out more about this class and about yourself. I believe that we come to things when we are ready to receive them, and here you are! I am honored to be your guide through the wonderful world of Pussy Confidence!

What is Pussy Confidence?

We are born with love. For ourselves and each other. As we grow, we learn to be jealous of other women. We lose trust in our bodies, minds and hearts. The good news is this: all of it can be UNLEARNED.

Unlearning is not easy, but I am here for you. So is an amazing group of people that are already on the Pussy Confidence path. You’ve decided to create change in your life, so it’s important to surround yourself with other positive people who can reinforce and encourage you. Fighting toxic masculinity, internalized misogyny and systemic patriarchy takes a massive effort. We’re all in this together, but it starts with us. It starts with you.

Pussy Confidence connects you with the 4Ps (Power, Purpose, Passion and Pleasure). You will connect with your body and your divine feminine power and feel release when you stop compartmentalizing your life and bring your FULL SELF to every moment. Pussy Confidence is about tuning in, turning on, being present and showing up for your life. It means being rooted in the very thing that CREATES life! This is a way for you to realize your worth and pursue what pleases you. Pussy Confidence is ownership of self. It isn’t about THEM. It’s about YOU!

Who is this for?

Pussy Confidence is for all women. You don’t have to own a pussy to be Pussy Confident. If you desire to answer the call and connect to ancient divine feminine power, this class is for you.

Why Did I Create Pussy Confidence?

For the last two decades, I have made my living as a globe-trotting striptease artist. I’ve artfully removed my clothes for thousands of strangers. And it has taught me the greatest lessons of my life.

I’ve also had the fortune to teach burlesque and to witness profound changes in so many inspiring women. It fueled me for years. I realized that I was teaching more than bumps and grinds. I was reintroducing women to themselves. I became their mirror that showed them their beauty and truth. 

In 2014, while teaching a four-day intensive for professional stripteasers I gave them an exercise: Walk across the floor. Simple. At one point, I realized I had been shouting “Let me see your pussy confidence!” and it struck me that I had never said that phrase before in my life! We had quite a laugh, but it stuck with me. I could feel that this was something. Something important.

Later that year, I taught the very first Pussy Confidence workshop and it was deeply moving. The dancers rediscovered and reclaimed their authenticity and power. Seeing their lights turn on inspired me to expand the class even further. I became obsessed. I studied. I devoured. Goddess worship, matriarchal civilizations, courtesans. I realized that class is not only for dancers, it is for ALL WOMEN who long to return to their power. A power that has been stolen, censored and shut out by our society.


What people are saying:

“…something is different. I am carrying myself with a different energy and a new found sense of pride…I exert less energy throughout the day…because I am accessing my inner power rather than trying to seek/obtain it.”


“Your class has been an amazing space for my mental health. I’m so PROUD of myself for taking the leap and committing to it!”


“This class has meant so much to me…helped me reconnect with my passion and myself in ways that were truly taxed by the last couple years. I feel like myself again and I am truly inspired by the community you have created. I am excited to share my new energy with the world.”


A woman who is in her power cannot be controlled.

A Spiritual Striptease

Artists know it is essential to move into vulnerabilities until they become strengths. When I create a new act, my goal is to be more authentic, more revealing of not just my body, but my spirit, my soul. I pull back layer after layer of anything that holds me back from my truest expression. For me these layers were doubt, shame, fear, self-hate, expectation, judgment and – heaviest of all – apology. 

I call this a “SpiritualiTEASE”. It is the foundation of Pussy Confidence. 

Each week, we remove the layers of this “costume”, trading it in for a new one made of vulnerability, power, strength, acceptance, love, gratitude and confidence. When THESE TRUTHS are the ONLY thing we wear, we are plugged into the dynamic energy of ourselves. 

We see who we are. Our desires. Our dreams. Our Pussy. 


I know I have been using this word a lot and you may have some feelings about it. It can be divisive but I want to take the power back! I pose that this is no longer a derogatory term reflecting weakness.

NOW, pussy means:

  • Present
  • Unapologetic
  • Speak Desire
  • Self Love
  • Yes to Life

By the time this class is over, you will be PROUD to be pussy confident!


Pussy Confidence is an 8 week course taught on Zoom. All classes are recorded and will be sent immediately after the live class. Recordings will be available for one week after the class.

Class dates: February 5, 2022 -March 26, 2022

Class time (PDT): 11am – 1pm

OPTIONAL Happy Hours every Wednesday 5-6pm PDT. This is a great time to get to know each other outside of class time.

What to expect in each class:

  • Presentation on the week’s topics
  • Discussion
  • Centering Practice
  • Sensual Movement*

*This is not “performative”. It is a guided moving meditation meant to connect you to your body. No technique or choreography. Just a moment designed to help you FEEL and become acquainted with your YES. 


When you register, you will also receive:

  • Access to a private FB group
  • Book Clubs – sometimes the authors even show up!
  • Discounts on other classes and shows
  • A commemorative class gift mailed to you at the end of the session
  • Weekly worksheets to continue your self study
  • A supportive and loving community

What is required? 

All you need is 2 hours a week, an open mind and an open heart. Independent study is encouraged but not required. 

Feeling nervous? Unsure? Scared? GREAT! You are not alone. I believe it is essential to move into our fear in a productive way. Every great thing that I have ever done has been something I was afraid of. Our “doubtful devil” can be a LOUD voice but I encourage you to tune in to your PUSSY instead. Listen with curiosity and compassion.

There are many battles to fight but none will be won until we win the battle within ourselves.


Save $100 and REGISTER BEFORE FEB 1, 2022. Class size is limited. Chose a one time payment or make 3 equal payments every 2 weeks.