Did you know…

the title of this course is so scandalous that social media won’t let me promote it?

I’ve thought long and hard about changing the name, but it just doesn’t feel right. This censorship proves how powerful and necessary this course is in the world right now. 

Women are censored all of the time on social media and in everyday life. We are constantly being told how to “be,” and when we try to “fit in” we lose our connection to the very thing that gives us LIFE.

Welcome to PUSSY CONFIDENCE: Plug Into Power

You were born with power and love. But society has a way of asking us to give up those things. And when we start believing the negative things we are told about ourselves, we lose our way and the very essence of what makes us special.

For years, I've been exploring ways to reconnect with that power and love within myself. In this new course, I will share with you what I’ve found. Once I began to tap into the vast sexual energy that emanated from within me, I became more confident. 

Think about it. 

When you give attention to the roots, the branches and leaves flourish. As I connected more with my root, my pussy, I became a more loving, compassionate, and powerful woman. An empathetic lover. A warrior for all who identify as women. Plugging into my power opened my eyes. And my heart.

I want to show you how you can plug-in and turn-on to engage with the world. 
I want to show you how to take what you DESERVE and DISMISS that which doesn’t serve you. Pussy Confidence is plugging into your power instead of giving it away.

Pussy Confidence is about OWNERSHIP of self. LOVE of self. 
Standing strong in the world and taking up SPACE. 
It is committing to HEALING. 
This is not about “them”. This is about US.

And YOU.

Your class has been an amazing space for my mental health. I’m so PROUD of myself for taking the leap and committing to it!


What is P.C.?

It’s an eight-week movement and lecture series. We will explore and discover women throughout history and the present. We will touch on everything from Goddess worship and courtesans to modern pioneers and burlesque artists.

You will be part of a SUPPORTIVE community that celebrates women.

And we will DANCE!

I am a dancer who believes in the importance of rooting the ideas of the mind within the body. Moving with intention causes energy to flow through your body, creating a visceral connection to your pussy (metaphorical and physical). This is not about doing intense choreography. The movement we will explore is intended for all skill levels. It is meant as a personal internal expression, not for an audience. It’s just for you.

SO EXCITED to have been featured on Sluts&Scholars podcast CLICK HERE to listen

…something is different. I am carrying myself with a different energy and a new found sense of pride…I exert less energy throughout the day…because I am accessing my inner power rather than trying to seek/obtain it.


What is required? Who is this for?

All you need is a private space for 2 hours a week. Remember, YOU are worth this time. This is an open and inclusive course for all those who identify as women/femme.

What’s the Schedule?


Format: Each class will be held on Zoom. We will begin with a lecture, followed by a meditation exercise, and will end with sensual movement. (recorded sessions will be available to all participants if you can’t join live.)

Every class will have suggested independent study exercises. They are not required, but you’ll get so much out of it!

Bonus: Every Wednesday, you can join me from 5 pm to 6 pm PST, for an optional salon happy hour. Here, I’m available for a more informal group discussion. This safe space is perfect for cultivating relationships and community.

Who is Michelle L’amour?

I've been an international striptease artist (burlesque dancer) for more than seventeen years. I've taught my craft and empowered thousands of women around the world at conventions, workshops, and at my own school, Studio L’amour.

My experience dancing naked for audiences across the globe has held a magnifying glass to my inner world, my spiritual journey. It has taught me the greatest lessons of my life and now I want to share them with you.

By performing “striptease” night after night for almost two decades, I’ve shed tons of costumes but, I've also shed spiritual layers to become more vulnerable, both on and off the stage. I learned there were many things I had “put on” that had to be removed before I could plug into the power within myself. 

I had to perform a SPIRITUAL STRIPTEASE.

Let me show you how to remove the layers that burden you. To change out of the heavy “costume” to one that is light, ethereal, and brilliant. Let me encourage you to remove doubt, shame, fear, judgment, hate, and expectation. But most of all, I will show you how to remove apology. When you plug into your power, you don’t have to be sorry.

Here’s the good news: You no longer have to wear this costume. You can take it off! Let me show you how to put on the vulnerability, acceptance, love, and gratitude that will make you strong, powerful, and confident. When we wear nothing but THESE TRUTHS, we plug into the dynamic energy of ourselves. Who we are. Our desires. Our dreams.

So how do you feel? Scared? Nervous? Excited? Intrigued?

The January 2021 Class will be available for registration after Thanksgiving 2020