Stripper’s Holiday

Stripper’s Holiday: The Original Burlesque Retreat by Michelle L’amour

Stripper’s Holiday began in 2009 in Chicago. Burlesque dancers came from around the world to study with Michelle L’amour and have the most amazing sleepover at her house! It was magical. There was no competition. No one to impress. The holiday part of Stripper’s Holiday was to have nothing to do except to learn and be in community with other like minds. To have real talk and real drinks.

“Stripper’s Holiday is a magical experience and Michelle L’amour is a magical person. Getting to spend one on one time with her is not only inspiring but life changing. There is truly no performer like her and if you have the opportunity to spend the quality time that Stripper’s Holiday provides, DO IT!”

Audrey DeLuxe – Burlesque Bingo and Viva Las Vegas Producer

The work we do is real. It is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a delicious intoxicating exhaustion that is rooted in support and compassion. It’s not about winning competitions, although that can be a side effect. It is about becoming the best artist you can be. Michelle will listen to you and provide you with feedback that brings your best assets forward. This is not about cookie cutter striptease. This is about individuality and a celebration of what makes you unique.

“My career would not be where it is now without the tutelage of Michelle. What I learned at Strippers Holiday has deeply affected how I see my craft, and taught me to critically approach act creation. 

SH is the hybrid of a burlesque sleepover and bootcamp! The bonds and friendships I made there have lasted my entire career and I learned how to elevate not just the act I brought, but every act I have created since. 

SH truly is a game changer and gave me the tools to transform my passion into a career!”

Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière: Reigning Miss Exotic World 

After a 5 year hiatus, Stripper’s Holiday returns to Las Vegas September 13-16. Participation is limited to 10-12 students to ensure access to individual attention. There will be 4 days of classes, 4 hours a day. Class subjects will include technique, choreography, sensual movement and act development/review. We will work hard during the day and relax hard at night. There are 3 levels of tuition:

All inclusive: $1200

Includes all classes, meals, lodging and transportation. This is a sleepover lodging arrangement. Some people will stay with Michelle and some people will stay in an adjacent apt. Each place will have 4-5 people staying there and sleeping on air mattresses. The building has a gym, pool, hot tub and yoga room. There are a lot of opportunities and spaces for privacy. Please note this option does not include airfare to Vegas. Dietary needs will be heavily considered and we will work hard to accommodate your needs. All food will already be gluten free. Some drinks will be provided as well. Tequila, mezcal and wine. If you prefer something else, please plan accordingly.

Nothing But Class: $800

This is a great option for Vegas locals or for anyone who prefers to stay elsewhere and eat on their own time. This option includes all 4 days of classes.

Work Study: $600

There are 2 available work study spots available. Those who are interested in work study must have a car to help with transportation. You will also help with clean up and food prep.

Once your application is approved, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is due by July 1st. Payment can be made via venmo (@michellelamour) or via paypal (PayPal.Me/mleverleigh). The remaining balance will be divided in two. The second payment is due by Aug 1 and the final payment is due by Sept 1. You can make the full payment all at once if that is easier for you.

“I literally lost count of how many times I attended Stripper’s Holiday—it was so many that Michelle even organized sessions in Dallas just to accommodate my insatiable enthusiasm for bringing people from my hometown to train with her in Chicago. Why was it so valuable to me? I was starving for thoughtful and personal coaching, and Stripper’s Holiday served up a feast.

Michelle has an uncanny ability to push you out of your comfort zone, time and time again. It wasn’t always easy, but the growth I experienced was worth every moment of discomfort. Plus, I made friendships during those intensive sessions that have now spanned over a decade.

If you’re ready to work hard and truly expand your horizons, you can’t afford to miss an opportunity like Stripper’s Holiday. Michelle’s expert guidance, combined with the camaraderie of like-minded individuals, creates an environment that fosters personal transformation. So, pack your pasties, leave your comfort zone at the door, and get ready to spread your wings like a fabulous phoenix. Trust me, this adventure is one you won’t regret.”

Ginger Valentine – Voted #1 Burlesque Performer by 21st Century Burlesque

Applications are closed for 2023. Participants will be notified by May 30. Thank you!