We are very excited to present this special 4 week session filled with specialty classes. You will learn a dance in each class that incorporates the topic of that class. For example, in Booty Lab, you will learn a dance that majorly highlights the booty!

If you are new to burlesque, please register for burlesque basics. If you have already taken the basic class, you are eligible for any of these classes (with the exception of the show class). Here are a list of the classes happening at Studio L’amour:

BOOTY LAB – Tuesdays at 6:15

BOOTYLAB-01Learn how to shimmy, shake, bounce and twerk with Butthoven herself! (WATCH IT HERE) We will work on different booty skills as well as tone and strengthen the bum and the choreography will be MAJOR in the booty department. Wear comfortable clothing.

FANCY FLOORWORK – Wednesdays at 6:15

Lily Bloom, Tango FanSplits, kicks, arches, and rolls. Oh my! Having a good floor work repertoire is essential. There’s a lot more to do than just crawling! This class will focus on gracefully AND safely getting down to the floor and getting up from the floor as well as learning moves to do while you’re down there. You will learn a full dance using a majority of floor work.

BURLESQUE BASICS – Wednesdays at 7:30

FrenchieLearn the basics of burlesque to begin your burlesque teasing. The fundamentals of the walk, bump, grind and shimmy will be covered in this class. This class is REQUIRED before taking any other classes. It can be done in tandem with other classes. Heels are optional.

BUMP IT UP – Thursdays at 6:15

10648628_10154611085585597_2865552933264666087_oMake that fringe fly! The bump is a specialized move in burlesque. You can bump forward, side, and back. It’s an aggressive move that is perfect for a drum beat. You can really liven up your routine with a couple well placed bumps. Bring a fringe or beaded shimmy belt for full bump effect. The dance in this class will exploit the bump in ways you never dreamed of!

TEASIN’ & PLEASIN’ – Thursdays at 7:30

10352779_10203877726328399_7118941971191072278_n Here you will build on what you learned in Burlesque Basics, adding choreography that incorporates props. The props for March will be boas and bras. The props and choreography change for every session, so you can keep taking this class and continue to learn something new. If you are used to our ‘usual’ schedule, Teasin’ & Pleasin’ is just like beg/int and int/adv burlesque, but we thought we would spice up the name! You will begin choreography on the first day of class so do bring your props with you on the first day. Also note that this class is 1 hour and 15 minutes.There is no nudity in this class. All articles of clothing that are removed are worn on top of your dance wear.

We hope you will join us in shimmying and shaking off those winter blues! Take one, take them all! Register now!



Booty Lab Pre-Sale

Booty Lab, my instructional booty tricks DVD, is up for pre-sale!  Orders will be shipped before the holidays.

BOOTYLAB-01This DVD will give you the booty building blocks for a more entertaining bum.  You will shimmy and shake and wiggle and giggle!  In addition to the tricks, you will also tone your backside.  This time, giving is just as much fun as receiving!  Order now!


Burlesque Double Header

So, it seems my booty has taken over the internet.  Thank you for all the Butthoven love!  Cosmo and Huffington Post have picked it up and I am tickled that you all enjoy it so much!

Now, on to the all the happenings.  All new classes begin this week at Studio L’amour. Register now!  This is the LAST session of 2013.

And, on Friday, October 25th, I have 2 shows.  The first is Naked Girls Reading – Hitchcock.


I absolutely love Hitchcock and I am so excited to present his stories.

After Hitchcock, I’ll be dancing in Wiggle Room for our special Halloween edition.  That Thriller dance that I’ve been talking about just might make an appearance.

Both shows will be at the Everleigh Social Club, which is now going to have a catered cash bar.  NO BYOB

Then, I’m off to LA for workshops on Oct 27 and performances on Oct. 30 and 31.  See you live and in color!

Booty Lab Returns!

Wanna bounce? Wanna twerk? Shake? Shimmy?

Join me for Booty Lab at Studio L’amour starting Sept. 9 at 7:30 pm.  There are 6 spots left in the class.  You will learn all different ways to shake your booty and TONE your booty.  Register now!

In case you haven’t seen this video seen by MILLIONS, here’s me exhibiting some classic booty skills!