A Beauty Movement


In this time in our world, it seems that there is so much hate and negativity. People are angry. They are acting out. I’m afraid to look at my phone in the morning because I can’t stomach the thought of more random violence.

In the face of all of these senseless tragedies and this volatile political climate, I would like to urge you to stand up for beauty. Instead of seeing your social media feeds filled with anger and complete nonsensical and uninformed arguments, flood the feeds with BEAUTY!

I want to see what you think is beautiful. Everyday, post something you find beautiful on FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I’m talking art, flowers, dance, poetry, antiques, clothing, whatever! Use the hashtag #52daysofbeauty, #floodtheinternetwithbeauty, #beautymovement, #churchofbeauty.

If you would like to learn more about The Church of Beauty and join the movement, click here.

The above image is by one of my favorite artists, Louis Icart.