L’amour at Studio L’amour

I’ll be teaching 2 workshops on Oct 10 at Studio L’amour. I love teaching both of these classes. Hope to see you there!

October 10 – Dancing in Heels – 7-8:15 –REGISTER


Learn once and for all how to walk and dance in heels. You can bring in multiple pairs of heels so you can start in a smaller heel and then work up to those gorgeous shoes that you love but can’t walk in! Michelle will teach you foot strengthening exercises so that you can continue to practice your heel game at home. REGISTER

October 10 – Sensual Movement – 8:30-9:30 –Register


Indulge in this sensual movement class done all in candlelight. Nothing is sexier than candlelight! Michelle L’amour will lead you in movements that are slow, sensual and ultra feminine. There is no choreography to learn, just an opportunity to get lost in the moment. This class will leave you calm and high on sensuality.

This is a monthly class and is scheduled on Mondays nearest the Full Moon.

No experience necessary. – REGISTER