Banned Books


Join me on Sept 30th as Naked Girls Reading celebrates Banned Books week!

The ALA organizes international Banned Books Week to draw attention to the problem of censorship in our country. So we decided there was no better way to celebrate our F-READ-om than by taking off our clothes and reading live in front of an audience!

Join the Revolution at Studio L’amour at 8pm. BYOB Tickets

In other news, I have accomplished my first goal on Patreon! Thank you so much for your patronage. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you! As part of the reward of making it to my first goal, I will be performing a live striptease on a private Periscope account on Oct 2nd. If you join the club before then, you’ll be able to get in on the action.

Below, you can get a sneak peek of what’s happening online. Enjoy!

Vive La France

NGR-ISNTAGRAM-VIVELAFRANCE (1)Join me on July 8th at Studio L’amour at 8pm for Naked Girls Reading: Vive La France!

Your favorite Naked Girls are embarking upon a trip oversees, to the City of Lights.

Leave your inhibitions in America as the girls explore the rich history of French literature and more.

Say “Oui! Oui!” to filles nu (that’s naked girls to you) and join us for the fantastic evening of nudity and books.


Read Naked Day

f-read-om-fighterFor centuries, being able to read was a mark of privilege and progress. Those who could read were held in high regard. Being able to devour books and literature at your leisure was set aside for the upper classes. Sometimes, even owning books was dangerous and could get you killed.
As time marched on, literacy became more and more prevalent until now we take the that very skill for granted. As a culture, we no longer savor reading. We no longer touch it with our whole bodies. At best, we may read in passing, at as high a speed as we use our social media. Any “literature” longer than 140 characters might as well be War and Peace assigned by a teacher that hates us.
What a shame! Reading is a sensual, ritual experience – or at least it should be. We should set aside time, set the stage, treat books like lovers…
That’s why we, the international literary salon Naked Girls Reading, have decided to make July 5th READ NAKED DAY Join us in removing the obstacles that hinder your freedom to read as a ritual. Doff your clothing on July 5th and get in touch with one of the most powerful forces in history – the reading of the written word.
We invite you to take part by simply reading naked. That’s it. If you’d like to be even more involved in bringing focus back to the ritual of reading BECOME A READ WARRIOR and help us get the word out. Start a naked book club. Get your local books stores involved. Because if there’s one thing we at Naked Girls Reading know for sure:
You can’t spell “literature” without T&A!