Uncensored 2!

It’s $HOWTIME! Uncen$ored 2 premieres today!  There is still time to buy your early bird ticket and save $5 on this amazing show! Online sales end at 8pm PST. At that point, all ticket holders will receive an email with a link to the show that can be viewed at any time. It’s ON DEMAND! If you miss getting a ticket, you will be able to purchase this show on Vimeo after today.

A portion of the sales brought in today will benefit Brave Space Alliance, Color of Change, Black Trans Travel Fund, G.L.I.T.S, JAGProductions, Parris Fund, The Center LV and OutDoor Afro.

Thank you for joining us for this display of beauty, truth, vulnerability, passion and lust.

If you missed the first episode, you can still purchase that here.

We’re off to see the wizard!

We are starting to see the slow reopening of some businesses in our cities, and this is good. I hope that the numbers of affected people will continue to decrease even as things reopen. But, even as businesses test the waters, the live performer is still without work. We are not sure when any live performances will begin again, and until we know more, we will continue to produce Quarantine Cabaret.

Today, we are thrilled to release Episode 17. We have amazing acts from the UK, LA and OZ! I also take you on a very special trip to my top-secret storage bunker to perform my act “Stripping Away” just for you. Hey, it wouldn’t fit in my living room, so we found a way! I will stop at nothing to create magic for you. Watch now!

And a reminder that Ep 2 of Uncen$ored is premiering with a BRAND NEW cast on June 19th. Grab your early bird tickets for that now and save $5.

This is such a trying time and we are all living in the upside down. I hope that you remain healthy and safe.Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to the day when I can see you in person.

Live with LOVE, today and everyday.

Two Months of Quarantine Cabaret

We are celebrating 2 months of Quarantine Cabaret. Wow! We can’t believe it either. Back when this all began, we lost 90% of our income in a matter of minutes. Our brains went into immediate survival mode. That’s how we came up with Quarantine Cabaret. It would give some work and purpose to our lives and the lives of performers across the globe, and it would also spread light to audiences around the world. We are so thankful for your continued support in watching, sharing and tipping. We have been able to send money to over 50 performers worldwide and we have been able to eat. For that, we are extremely grateful!

We are committed to making digital nightlife entertainment. We are expanding our production space in the next week and we will have a lot more mobility and freedom in our creation. We will continue this project for as long as is necessary, but we might want to continue with it beyond its necessity. It’s just too fun!

We are also hard at work on the next Uncen$ored, premiering on June 19th on Vimeo. Make sure to get your early bird tickets for that. Again, the show is on demand, so even if you can’t watch on the 19th, you can watch whenever you want as long as you have a ticket.

Now, please enjoy Episode 16 of Quarantine Cabaret, a peak behind the curtain. We will take you from the deserts of Las Vegas to the backwoods of Virginia. I’m also recreating my very FIRST tease for you that is a new take on a classic champagne dance.

We don’t need art to survive, but we need art to LIVE! We hope we have brought you life,


Thank you so much for supporting our very first digital UNCEN$ORED! What a great time! We had so much fun that we’re coming back with an all new cast on June 19th. Again, you will need a ticket to purchase this show because the content is just too much for this world! Grab your early bird ticket here.

If you missed the first one, no worries! You can still purchase it on vimeo.
AND, I’m so thrilled to release a free episode of Quarantine Cabaret today, featuring DANCERS FROM THE LIDO AND THE MOULIN ROUGE IN PARIS! Wow! I cannot believe some of the people that I’ve been able to virtually work with on this show. There have been some bright spots in this dark time and for that, I am extremely grateful. Check out Ep 15 now! If you are able, please show some love with venmo, paypal, or credit card. Money is split among production and the performers.
I hope that you are all doing as well as you can be. Hope to see you in person someday soon. Until then, stay safe.
Be well