Lost Night

On October 30 and 31st, I am producing a special Halloween show at The Drifter. Come on out and spend a glamorous night with the occult. The Drifter provides the sights and sounds of an underground Hollywood party in the 1920’s when fascination with dark forces was in fashion. Every guest for the evening will be an initiate into the Société de La Nuit Sacrifié LostNightPosterIdea01-sm(The Society of the Lost Night), whose highest priest is The Drifter himself. Dine on snacks paired with four different cocktails and then watch a secret initiation involving a seance cabaret, when the playful pets of the Société will entertain and seduce in order to call upon The Drifter. Will he appear? Dare we hope?

This event is dark, sexy and sensual.

Ticket price includes all drinks, snacks, tax and tip!

Get your tickets here! They are going FAST!