The History of My Briefs

I was driving to rehearsal yesterday and the thought occurred to me that this is my 14th year producing a Valentine’s event in Chicago. That got my thinking about the progression of my career, and then naturally, I began thinking about the progression of my under things. Let me explain…

When I began burlesque, I wore full panties! WHAT! Yes, my booty was shy back then. I even wore nude tights AND fishnets over those. Nothing was moving back there. I was encased in spandex just like the lovely Beyonce at the Superbowl. Slowly, I began to realize what was happening behind me and that people enjoyed it.


After a year or so, I removed the tights and wore a thong. Now, a thong is different from a g-string. There is more material in the back and on the sides. It was a modest improvement.

And then, I graduated to the g-string. You can recognize the g-string because it is literally a string that keeps things in a PG-13 place.


I then thought that the string was just TOO MUCH material. We must cut those off! This leads me to my first ever…pusty.


I first wore the pusty on stage at the Burlesque Hall of Fame where I did a tribute dance to Sally Rand. No one was wearing these at the time. It was a scandal! Everyone wanted to know how I made it or where I got it, but my lips were sealed! I wanted to keep this little costume innovation for myself for a little while. But now, you can see pusties all over the burlesque stages. Ah, you’re welcome!

I had to keep pushing the envelope in underwear innovation. That led me to these, that I wear in my Led Zepplin act. So. Filthy.


And, further still I go. I just make outlines where the underwear should be but not actually connecting those lines with fabric. It’s just a hint, a whisper of a panty.


This brings me to Le Nu. There are no strings. There are no panty innovations (well, there might be oneĀ  but I’m not going to talk about that yet. It’s still in R&D.) It has taken me 14 years to remove my underwear. This might be the longest striptease on record!

Join me for this decadent experience this weekend. You’ve earned it! Tickets