Wiggle Room – Oct 21




I’m so excited to do this show on October 21st! We haven’t done a Wiggle Room since…July? Man, time flies!

Anyway, it’s back on the 21st at City Winery with me, Lady Ginger, Gal Friday (NYC), Brian Babylon, Adam Burke, Marty De Rosa, T-Murph and live music from the Chicago Blues Angels!!

Performing to live music is so fun! You never know what’s gonna happen! Combine that with great stand up comics and sultry dancers, you’ve got yourself a show! Get your tickets now!

April Showers

I think when ‘they’ created the phrase ‘April Showers’ they weren’t talking about snow. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m over it! As a lady who gets naked for a living, I very much enjoy warm weather. Let’s get to it already please! Moving on…


This Friday, April 8, we have another installment of Wiggle Room at City Winery. Comics on the bill are Adam Burke, Danny Kallas, and Kristen Toomey. For the ‘wiggle’ portion of the evening, there’s myself, Lily Bloom and special guest Peekaboo Pointe from NYC! Get your tickets now! Showtime 11pm.


March Madness

Are you ready for this week? I’m not sure you are. Make sure you get plenty of rest and hydrate because you’re going to have to work hard to keep up with me!

spectacle 2Starting on March 10th, I will begin producing the new Unbridled show every Thursday at Untitled. This first incarnation is called ‘Spectacle’. The show promises high energy dance acts, burlesque, and variety. And of course, a dance party! Spectacle will feature a rotating cast of the best performers in Chicago and special guests!

Then, on March 11th at Studio L’amour, Naked Girls Reading celebrates seven years of nudity and literature. Naked Girls Reading began in Chicago and now, I am proud to say, has 25 NGR-7DEADLYSINS-WEBchapters all over the world. I am so proud of this baby! On March 11th, we will be reading all about the Seven Deadly Sins! We’ll be serving up some birthday cake in our birthday suits. 8pm BYOB Tickets

Oh, you think I’m done? No, darling! Refresh your water and get moving! On to March 12th…

WR-CW-POSTER05Wiggle Room is March 12th at City Winery with special guests Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere from Montreal and Jett Adore! Comedians will be Ali Clayton, Jeff Arcuri and Marty De Rosa as your host! And the live band will be rockin’ and I’ll be teasin’! Who knows what will happen! It’s improvisation. I could be feeling frisky that night! Get your tickets here.

Ok, Sunday…even God needed a day of rest.

See you this weekend!

Spring Fling


Spring keeps teasing us! Maybe we should tease too! Get your tease on at Studio L’amour! New classes start the week of March 7th.

This session we are working with hand fans, gloves and a flowing skirt in the Teasin’ & Pleasin’ class and in The Next Level. Jett Adore is back with a brand new class called ‘Exploring Masculinity’. This class welcomes the gentleman performer as well as ladies and all genders who wish to explore masculine shades in their performance and process. We also have guest instructor, Tila Von Twirl, teaching her signature stretch class on Monday nights. And that’s not all! Tease ‘n’ Tone is back with me! Register

Photo by Mike White at Wiggle Room(next show March 12).