I am known as The Most Naked Woman and have traveled all over the globe performing my unique brand of burlesque. I bring an authentically sensual experience to the stage with acts that range from classic burlesque fan dances to provocative performance art. I am known for my innovation, intelligence, humor and raw power.

I have been featured on many TV shows and documentaries including, “America’s Got Talent” (season 1), MTVs “Amazingness”, France’s “Incroyable Talent”, and Epix Network’s “Sex Life”.

In addition to performance, I run a live event production company – Everleigh Entertainment. During the pandemic, I produced Quarantine Cabaret, an on demand variety show featuring talent from all over the world, and UNCEN$ORED, which allowed me and my cast to go even futher #BeyondBurlesque. My current project DEADLY, a re-imagining of the Seven Deadly Sins.

“Sex Life” [EPIX Network]