Labor Day Weekend Activites

Thank you to all the Naked Girls in Dallas who participated in their first Naked Girls Reading event.  Congratulations!

Now, I’m back in Chicago for the original Naked Girls Reading on September 4th.

FLYER - SEPT09small

This month our readers are myself, Deirdre Doll, Mimi First, Dominique Trixx, Greta Laybe and YOU!  We have about 10 ladies trying this for the first time.  As the audience, you can pick your favorite naked girl and she will win fabulous prizes!  This is the best reality show ever!

Then on Septmeber 6, Dr. Sketchy’s is back with a Sexploitation theme.


Your models are Ginny Fizz and Lime Rickey and there will be a performance by Lily Bloom as your construction worker.  After all the drawing, we will be showing some sexploitation films. What a way to spend a Sunday.  Register at

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