Puissance (noun): Definition: Strength, Power

PUISSANCE. Say it. Look at it. It sounds and looks familiar right? Looks a lot like P*$$Y, and for me, that is no coincidence.

I used to hate the ‘P word’. It made me feel uncomfortable because I hated my own. I thought it was ‘too much’ and it didn’t look like any other I had ever seen. But now, it is one of my favorite words.

This past year has been dedicated to study and self love. I have found that in my connection to my P*$$Y, I have found grounding, peace, energy, acceptance and love. Not only in appreciating its beauty and pleasure capacity, but in the cosmic divine. In the pusiverse.

We are special. We are strong. We are powerful. We need to believe these things in our core. We need to return home.

Now is the time to stop apologizing for your existence. Now is the time to speak your desires. Now is the time to own your PUISSANCE!

If reading this makes your body tingle, if it makes you shift in your seat, this is for you. I have 2 spots left in my *P* CONFIDENCE class beginning on January 9th. Take this step towards your self love and acceptance. I’m here for you.

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